Overall view, spur side

KP15 – Prototype Shots

Photos of the KP15 Prototype – version near production

The photographs below show some close ups of the KP15 prototype bike that has been run over the past few months and which is nearing production time. Two bikes were originally run, a longer wheelbase version to below, but this one was chosen as the best.


Overall view, spur side.

Photo showing overall side view, note new lower front chassis plates with steering servo in centre.

KP 15e – Main points

  • Extensive experimentation has been successfully carried out to maximise the performance
  • The new bike will be supplied ready built to ensure no problems with fits and finishes or instructions.
  • The electrics can be installed without any dismantling of the bike.
  • The bike will be complete as shown,with a choice of one of the different grades of Roadie tyres. ( no electrics).
  • The chassis design is extremely stiff, but incorporates a cush mount for the headstock to protect the front forks.
  • The wheelbase has been reduced to 303mm with option for 309mm
  • The new geometry forks and alloy headstock incorporate adjustable steering stops.
  • All components are CNC machined from top grade materials.
  • Rear stand is included.
  • Price will be announced shortly.


Side view

Another side view, this time from the motor side.


Top View

Top view of the front end showing new position of servo and steering damper in situ.


Front forks and headstock

New alloy headstock and front forks.


Rear View

Rear view of bike showing full adjustable swing arm, alloy motor mount.


Brake servo

Shot showing front brake servo in situ.