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KP21e Special Introductory Offer

KP21e Released….

Orders now being taken for delivery before the end of February 2016 at the special introductory price of £299.50 inc. tax.


KP21e Main Features

The all new KP21e now available to order at the introductory price of £299.50, including forks and alloy spokes. The new bike is constructed entirely from machined carbon fibre and high specification alloy. It has no printed plastic parts. It has been constructed for ultimate performance regardless of cost. The introductory price will be limited to the early buyers before returning to its full price for orders received in 2016 New designs and developments established during this year have produced the ultimate racing machine. The new bike turns sharper, has a greater lean angle and holds the line in corners better.

Exploded view.


  • The height of the chassis has been reduced by about 30mm. It is now about 6mm lower than other super bikes.
  • It uses a standard size low profile steering servo such as the Savox SC1251MG.
  • Ground clearance has been maintained at approximately 28mm.
  • Super stiff chassis with extra internal braces.
  • All electronics nowmounted at lowest point of chassis.
  • There is the option of 5mm or 6mm angled scratch bars using loops or ball raced balls.
  • Special narrow, flush body mounts, using no body clips.
  • Face width of the 90 & 100t gears, has been increased for extra reliability.
  • Lowered swing arm pivot point improves geometry of the suspension.
  • New shorter fork legs with new automatic front axle alignment.
  • Front forks are supported by a machined alloy headstock using three ball races and conical washers for maximum strength & minimum friction.
  • Adjustable steering stops.
  • New reduced offset on the fork triples giving increased steering without loss of stability.
  • The bike is even lighter than before.
  • Swing arm has extra clearance for increased rubber pickup on the rear tyres.
Body shell shots.

Various views of the bodyshell in place, showing slimline body mounts and high lean angles now achieveable.


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