Nice to see Davy and Shane.

BRCA 2014 – Round 6 Cotswold

It was the best entry so far for a long time.

It was the best entry so far for a long time.

Looking at the pre entry list on Moto-5 this meeting was looking like being one of the biggest for a very long time, with approximately 30 entries. That certainly proved to be the case and made for a busy meeting that was really enjoyable with all the heats being of a decent size. This made the finals in particular fun to watch with some close battles on track as there isn’t much in it nowadays between people, small mistakes can turn you from hero to zero. But that’s almost the fun though, then chasing down the guy in front.

It was great to see Davy, Shane and Graham over from Northern Ireland to attend this meeting. It’s a fair old trek, but they seemed to enjoy it. I’ve got some pictures further down of Graham’s home built bike, lovely looking. Neil provided a barbecue (cheers Neil) on Saturday night and I think there was some partying that took place, hopefully they all had a good time.

Boy was it hot, I burnt my head again and the back of my legs! Running in stock with 5800 size packs you forget how long you are on the rostrum and it’s not uncommon to be stood there running round for 15mins plus and not realise it. But we can’t complain, it could have been raining. Fred was running the Alley Cat lap counting software on Saturday which is really good as it tells you each lap time as you pass the loop so you can see just how well you are doing. Shame the BBK doesn’t do that over the PA. There were some fast times being set, particularly by Simon in Stock and Superbike, his stock time of 24 seconds would have put him in contention for the Superbike I reckon.

We again struck lucky with the weather again on Sunday, with it being a little cooler but no rain. Qualifying was again quick with there not being much in at the end of each round. Simple mistakes could put you down 2-3 places in a class quite easily. It was good to see Chris back and borrowing my sidecar so he could run up against Peter, Neal and Dave. It’s a shame we can’t get a couple of more sidecars running it would make it quite good to watch.

An annoying computer glitch meant that we had to manually calculate one of the heats of stock, luckily Chris took a screen grab of the laps that had been counted for us. It had counted them but tried to apply them to the next race!

I’ve put the full results here and included some pictures from the weekend below.

See you at Southend in September.