Local lads at the Southend track.

BRCA 2014 – Round 6 Southend

John and Graham having a setup chat.

John and Graham having a setup chat.

With most of the class winners already decided before Southend it was down to the runners up places for all the battles, and trust me it was still as much fun and close racing. More on that later.

The Southend guys had warned us that their track was a little tight and tricky to drive, but hey we like a challenge – who want’s it easy like those big European open tracks. Nah we’re hard! After my first few eye watering laps I started to get to grips with it and to be honest thoroughly enjoyed driving the track. Yes it’s twisty, but it was all about precision not all out speed. Going over the hump (left over from the off road track) to left of the rostrum full throttle doing a wheelie was excellent, I only flipped the bike once on there and into the boards, but that was my fault taking it too fast!

The local guys and club official Ray made us very welcome and the glorious weather helped out, with only a few little spots of rain on Saturday morning, but they cleared after about half an hour not coming to much. We had a couple of new bike guys join us from the Southend club, Martin and Gary, who both looked like they had a good time, be good to see you guys at the other meets you certainly drove Southend well.

Sunday’s racing as I said above still produced some very close battles, with Steve already clinching the Stock/Moto3 class the next few places were only separated by a couple of points for each competitor, myself, Neal and Graham fighting for the 2nd spot. This class is always close and making mistakes in finals can put you from hero to zero very easily and make it quite a challenge to catch up. Neal won through in the end and took 2nd in the championship, with Graham taking 3rd.

Nitro was fun to watch as well, JV showing us how fast he could push his 4 stroke over the ‘hump’ and keep it on the track! There were some good battles between himself, Richard and Ken. Shame more of the nitro guys didn’t turn out as I think they all enjoyed it. Richard brought along his speed radar unit and we were measuring top speeds on the straight. I did hold it for a while on Saturday at 28mph, but Phil took it in the end I think at 31mph – although he didn’t make the next corner!

Superbike was a disappointing turnout with only 3 runners really, one of those being Steve who in the end ran his Moto3 as opposed to his superbike as it was easier to do this. He gave the big boys a run for their money as all out speed wasn’t a huge advantage here. Well that was the last one of a really competitive season, particularly the stock class which had probably the most entries I have seen for a few years. Hopefully we can keep this going into next year.

See you all at Cotswold GP in two weeks time.