Mark working on his KP14e.

BRCA 2014 – Round 5 Aldershot

Ken and John in the Executive Sweet.

Ken and John in the Executive Sweet.

It was back to my home track, Aldershot, for Round 5 of the BRCA series. With the weather looking better for Saturday than Sunday, so it was all fingers crossed that the race day would be fine. Luck was with us and it was very hot after an initial shower first thing, with the track drying literally during my first heat and we could have come in to have the bars raised. Round after round the times improved and as you can see from the results site there were some very fast times posted. Particularly in the stock, with some 19 second laps becoming the norm for a few and the final pole position changing from round to round.

It was fun to marshall the nitro bikes and watch Richard and John battle it out, technical issues and mistakes making the difference to winning. Richard taking a first and second, with John a first and fourth (technical issue).

In Superbike Matt was pretty dominant on his home track, closely followed by Steve and his Moto2 (Moto3 with a faster motor and front brake) in second and Peter with his quick KP14e in third. I believe Peter had electric issues during the day which didn’t really help.

Sidecar was won by Dave and his really nice looking 1/10th carbon affair, with Neil in second. Martin’s home designed in third and Peter following up in fourth.

I’ve included some pics below for you too look over and the results can be found here.

See you all at Round 6 Cotswold.