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Keith and Simon talk bikes.

Keith and Simon talk bikes.

Keith Plested, aka Mr. PB Racing

Keith was one of the first people in Great Britain to get involved with Radio Control Model Cars. He started in 1969 and with his trademark I can do better than that outlook, he began to manufacture PURE BLEND Racing fuels, which soon became PB Racing.

PB Racing produced its first car kit in 1971 and quickly became a leader in the field, dominating in all classes and scales, throughout the 70s and 80s, taking the World Championships twice.

Keith and a few like-minded individuals were soon racing regularly and, in the early 70s, founded a club, the British Radio Car Association, which still regulates and advises our Sport to this day. two years ago Keith received the BRCAs ultimate Accolade when he was enrolled as a Fellow of the BRCA.

Keith has dabbled in all aspects of Radio Control Modelling, from Boats to Aeroplanes and Helicopters, Circuit and Off-road cars to Track design, (most notably the old Southampton track at Weston Shore.

Since his retirement from mainstream engineering, Keith has established, in 2000, KP Designs (KPD), a company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of Specialist Top level R/C Circuit and Off-road cars (The KCR Swift and the KPD Patriot) and now is developing R/C Motorbikes. KPD has followed the Plested tradition of hitting the mark straight away. In 2006, both the Stock and Super class British and World Champions won their titles driving bikes using KPD components. In 2007, these and many other drivers are now using the KPD Black Shadow, KPs first full Bike Chassis kit.